How to Play Swing State (the PDF version)

We are working on making a video using power point slides.  Technical difficulties, lack of a microphone rather, will delay the video production a few days.  In the meantime, here is the PDF version that goes through a game step by step.  Enjoy and please let us know if you have any comments.

>>> How to Play Swing State (PDF) <<<

How to Order Swing State

Two ways to order a copy of the board game, Swing State:

(1) Go to the online checkout by clicking on the button

(2) Send a check made out to “Tim Kane” to the address below. We will pay for domestic shipping. International shipments must add $20.00.

Tim Kane
164 Charles Marx Way
Palo Alto, CA  94304

Prices, which include shipping, are:

$50.00    per game for 1
$40.00    per game for 2-4 ($80 – $160 total)
$35.00    per game for 5-10 ($175 – $350 total)

Limit 10 copies per order.


New Multi-player game PRIMARY DICE


Do you want to play a multi-player game which simulates a primary election for the presidency of the United States? Here it is in PDF for download: 2016 Primary DICE and Rules. Cut the single page in half, because it includes 2 identical sheets. The game is easy to play, super fun, & highly realistic.

All you need to play is one game sheet per player, three dice, and 30 tokens of some kind. Pennies will do. The rules are included in the PDF, but you can read them online in this image:


PRIMARY DICE is free and downloadable. It is not for sale anywhere.
Feel free to share the link with your friends.